Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap

A big part of GEEK is the commissioning of unique and participatory games, show, and events. For GEEK we developed Margate Games, this allowed us to work closely with teams of artists and makers.


The brief

Phoebe Marsh and RWig were one of four teams who were awarded GEEK-play R&D funding to develop a new game inspired by Margate to showcase at GEEK.

They developed Tourist Trap – a photographic scavenger hunt across time.

Tourist Trap is a team game. Each team is given a set of historic photographs taken in Margate over the last one hundred years. Teams have one hour to recreate the images using their phones, tablets or camera. There was a review of the images and judging and prizes each day of the festival.


The game play

The game proved very popular with visitors to the festival. We have since then commissioned them to develop a version for GEEK in Rochester and to join us in Geneva to present the game at Museum Next in a talk workshop about Games & Heritage.

Projects Info
  • ClientGEEK HKD
  • Date2014

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