GEEK is a festival of Play & Games.

First launched in February 2012, the flagship GEEK is held annually in Margate, Kent.

From Birmingham to Singapore there have been over twenty GEEK festivals and GEEK-Labs which continue to be enjoyed across the world.

GEEK2018 saw the return to Dreamland Margate, bigger and better.

Google Tilt Brush artist Chu made an appearance in our virtual reality zone. Visitors were able to explore and tag a virtual Margate.

Retro and modern tournaments, Making, Boardgames, Cosplay and a Reality Zone in which you could shrink down and become Pacman.

GEEK2017 teamed up with Dreamland Margate to deliver a brand new exciting GEEK by the sea.

We took over the site and transformed it into a GEEK paradise. Filled with Play & Games, Retro consoles, Pinball arcade, Cosplay, Stalls, Making and more!

It also saw the launch of our House Challenge. Visitors were able to take part in an ancient competition between three factions to find the ultimate champions.

GEEK returned to Margate in 2015 for it's last year at the Winter Gardens.

Halls filled with classic retro games, unique titles, familiar favourites and indie developers showcasing their creations. You was able to experience video games all the way from the 1970s to now as well as the introduction of GEEK fringe around Margate.

Retro and modern tournaments with fantastic prizes! Time trials on stage, Panel discussions, Q&A sessions, Specials Guests, Cosplay Masquerade, oh! and don't forget about the Minecraft Cave and your favourite Youtubers!

GEEK2014 was awarded Arts Council Funding to support the creation of four Artist Game Maker Residencies.

They created four brilliant games that were all playable at GEEK along with a collection of retro and modern games.

GEEK is produced by HKD and Marine Studios.

In 2013 we packed up our custard and BBC micro computers and headed off to be part of the Singapore Street Festival of Science organised by the Science Centre Singapore.


Over 30,000 people attended the weekend. We took a team from Replay Events, Video Game Carnival Dr George Forster from BoostEd and game developer George Buckingham.

1st Fridays are a great place to test works in progress. They are informal, fun and free.


1st Fridays are regular events, once a month we throw open the studio and invite people in. People meet to test ideas, swap news and show new work. They are interdisciplinary conversations between science and art or across multiple artforms.

Join our two page challenge Adventures in Comics. Games are made when several creative skills come together – sometimes its good to focus on them one at a time. Think storytelling, how words and images work together.


The title for the 5th Adventures in Comics has just been announced as 'The Waltzer'

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